We’re experts in Australian migration law.

We assist with visas, Australian citizenship and employer compliance matters. If you have a migration law issue, we’ve got you covered.

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We’re the experts in…

Skilled migration visas

Assisting with skill select, expressions of interest, skills assessments, nominations and visa applications, including the following visa subclasses 189, 190, 491, 887 and 191.

Examples of occupations previously assisted include: Lawyers, university lecturers, accountants, engineers, winemakers, ICT professionals, restaurant managers, cooks and chefs, teachers and many more.

Employer nominated visas

We assist with all short-term and longer-term employer nominated visa applications, including permanent residency applications, nomination and visas, including the following subclasses 408, 482, 494, 186 and 187 (TRT). We also assist with short-term employment visas for up to 3-6 months.

Examples of previous and current clients include:

  • Transfer of large numbers of highly skilled workers to Australia for specific projects
  • Assisting Australian Universities with on-boarding of non-Australian academics
  • Labour agreements – most recently for large aged care providers, by getting them approved for the Aged Care Industry Labour Agreement

Business visas

We assist successful business owners and high-net-worth applicants who are wanting to establish a business presence in Australia. These visas have included subclasses 132, 188 and 888.

Previous clients include:

  • Truffle farmers
  • Global property developers
  • Manufacturers

Partner visas / Parent visas

We provide assistance to Australian citizens and permanent residents with onshore and offshore Partner visas, and Parent visas. Previous successful clients include the following more complicated cases:

  • Where the age gap between the partner visa applicant and the sponsor was 35 years.
  • Where the Visa applicant had failed the medical and we were able to obtain a health waiver of the more than $2 million AUD estimated costs.
  • Assisting elderly parents to remain in Australia where they would otherwise have had at least a four-year wait for a visa.

Distinguished and Global Talent visas

These visas are designed to allow high-profile applicants who may not fit any other visa stream the opportunity to work in Australia. These are for applicants who are at the top of their fields.

Previous successful clients include:

  • Global fundraiser who had raised more than $1billion USD in the US and the UK.
  • Highly-distinguished senior academics.


We provide expert advice, assistance and representation to clients who have had a visa application or business nomination, refused on any grounds. We also assist employers with challenging adverse compliance related outcomes.

Examples of some of our appeals which were successfully challenged include:

  • Complicated partner visa refusals.
  • Overturning PIC 4020 findings.
  • Employer-sponsored penalties, including achieving a significant reduction of the penalty where a breach of a nomination obligation had occurred.
“The correct guidance and timely support helped me to quickly and successfully receive my visas! I wholeheartedly recommend every aspiring migrant to Australia to avail his professional services.”
– Dr. B. Permanent Resident (subclass 186 visa)